Streetwise Women’s Self Defense
For Summer 2016

Streetwise Self Defense

3 Week Extended Course (6 Hours Instruction) for Teens & Young Women, Ages 13 to Age 23.

The “3 Week Extended Course for Teens and Young Adults” is at its core, the same physical self defense against sexual assault, rape, and attempted abduction as the Streetwise Women’s Self Defense Orientation. What makes it unique is that it is specifically geared toward the types of situations that are faced by young women throughout their high school, college, and early adulthood.

The primary difference between this class and the 2 1/2 hour class that many of you might have taken previously at Idaho Martial Arts or at the YMCA, is that the class will be taught over a 3 week period, on on Tuesday evenings from 7:15pm to 9:15pm, for 2 hours each week. By increasing the amount of “total class time” these students will have the opportunity to review and practice each of the techniques more times, go home and think about them from time to time during the week, and then return the following week with any questions or uncertainty. They will also have the opportunity to review last week’s lesson at the beginning of each class, before moving on to new material. Finally, because the class is made up primarily of young women who are relatively close in age, they will all benefit from each other’s experience and insights.

  • Personal weapons
  • Escaping or defending against arm grabs
  • Defending & Fighting from the ground
  • Escaping or defensing against attacks from behind
  • Escaping or defending against ground attacks from the front

Other topics that may come up, depending on student interest:

  • Discussion of situations faced by students at school
  • Recognizing “Problem & Dangerous Personalities”
  • Setting & enforcing personal boundaries
  • Sexual Abuse / Sexual Harassment
  • Emotional Abuse / Bullying / Hazing / Peer Pressures
  • Additional questions and “What Ifs” as they come up