Kids Classes

The martial arts are a great way for both boys and girls to achieve amazing levels of focus, health, and fitness. Some parents are concerned that self defense classes encourage violence, however according to the experts, this is just a myth. They actually help kids develop much needed socialization skills as well as self-discipline and self-confidence. Studies have also shown that kids with ADHD can benefit from the marital arts since focus, concentration, and self-control are key components of the training and map directly to the very skills that tend to be underdeveloped in children with ADHD. Learning a martial art, regardless of the style you choose (Karate, Aikido, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, etc) has many lifelong benefits. Many experts however agree that it’s the respect that kids learn that can be the most beneficial. Respecting oneself and others will carry over into school, jobs, family, etc.

Some of the key takeaways for your child will be:

  • Developing self esteem & confidence
  • Respect for oneself and others
  • Discipline & focus
  • Leadership
  • Coordination
  • Self defense

 Our Kids Karate programs are designed specific for the age group and belt rank to benefit the individual student in their personal development, physically and mentally. Your child learns to stand tall and be proud by developing self esteem, respect, discipline, leadership, confidence, focus, coordination and self defense when they enroll in our Karate Program.  Our biggest reward is to see the growth and positive change in each Student.

Class Duration & Format

Our classes usually run for 45 minutes and each class will begin with warm ups. After stretching and warming up, students will practice skills, forms, and techniques that can involve strikes, blocks, rolls, etc.

Ranks & Testing

Each students progress is maintained and displayed via a belt system and all new students will start out wearing white belts. Once ready to move to the next rank, students will be testing during a formal testing process which is an excellent way to reinforce setting, working toward, and achieving goals.