Our Programs

Kids Karate Program

Our Junior Karate programs are designed specific for the age group (Ninja 6-8yrs and Samurai 9-12yrs) and to benefit the individual Student in their personal development, physically and mentally. Your child learns to stand tall and be proud by developing self esteem, respect, discipline, leadership, confidence, focus, coordination and self defense when they enroll in our Karate Program. Our biggest reward is to see the growth and positive change in each Student.




Teens & Adult Karate Program

Our Teen and Adult program focuses on self esteem, confidence, self development, focus, self defense, coordination and overall fitness/conditioning. The program builds confidence and character by providing the Student with control over his/her body and an ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. Our goal is to show the Student how to improve their lives both mentally and physically by allowing them to achieve results at their own pace.


Aikido Program

Aikido practitioners are referred to as “Aikidoka”. Performing various techniques based on the principles of the art, Aikidoka blend with and redirect attacks rather than resting them with force on force. This approach allows techniques of self-defense, comprised of throws and joint locks, to be conducted without requiring a lot of strength yet being extremely effective.



Fit&Safe Circuit Training

Fit-and-Safe-Photo-1024x586High intensity interval workout to develop your endurance, core and cardio with basic self defense moves to condition your body and self defense responses.


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