Eva Steinwald

Eva Sensei Picture

Steinwald Sensei started her Karate Do training in 1992 in San Diego under her mentor and instructor, Andy Eros Sensei.  Moving to Boise in 1997, she knew that her interest in Karate Do has turned into a way of life and opened Idaho Martial Arts in November 1997.  In addition to being the Head Instructor at IMA, she is also a full time realtor.  Teaching Karate Do, Steinwald Sensei instills the values of being humble, giving back and most of all showing each person a sense of dignity and worth.

“It is important to me that kids have a safe place to go to, stay out of trouble, have friendships with like minds, and learn important skills that they will use forever.”


Bryan Sensei

Bryan has been training in Aikido for 16 years achieving his black belt through CAA Aikido West under Frank Doran Sensei. His home dojo was based in Northern California under the instruction of Peter Arno Sensei and Dave Brigham Sensei. Bryan enjoys giving back to his community and devoting his time whenever possible to help others. As an instructor, Bryan blends his background with the fundamental principles of Aikido to create an positive environment where students from all walks of life can have fun and explore the amazing and rewarding path of the martial arts.

“I am passionate about motivating individuals to achieve their highest creative potential while creating an environment that will both support and enable their growth.”




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Jay has more than 6 years military experience as an intelligence officer in the Army’s 19th Special Forces Unit, of the Utah Guard, and with the 116th Combat Brigade, Idaho National Guard. He has spent several years training in various martial arts, and continues refine this class responding to “What-Ifs?”, and figuring out safer and more reliable ways to gain the advantage in case of an attack. Jay has lived/worked in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, & Portland. He has also had the opportunity to travel the world, spending time in Central & South America, Europe, North Africa, and the Far East.

“Of all of the sexual assaults reported to authorities where the victim fought back effectively, in 3 out of 4 cases, the attacker gave up and ran away prior to completing the crime of rape. It is my hope to give my students a few easy to learn tools and skills that can help them either avoid the dangerous situation in the first place, or in case of the worst, be able to fight back effectively.”




Teresa Price is a yoga instructor, wellness guide, autistic ally, author, veteran, and mother. She celebrates a passion for the human spirit, using yoga in a holistic approach to emotional well being.